6:07 am - Sunday April 20, 2014

Chief says public urination situation could have been handled better

A situation in which a Piedmont mother was issued a potential $2,500 fine for public urination by her three-year-old son could’ve been resolved without a ticket being issued, Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein said.

Piedmont police officer Ken Qualls gave Ashley Warden a ticket on Monday after her son, Dillan, was spotted in the front yard of Warden’s home with his pants down on the ground.

The charge has since been dropped by the Piedmont Police Department.

“It would’ve been much better served by going, ‘Hey, the child should go in the bathroom. Have a nice day,’” Oblein said. “Just a regular verbal warning would’ve been nice or talk to the parents about it might not be appropriate to have your child urinating out here in full view of the public. That’s the way I would have liked to have seen it handled.

“Based on the information I have and my experience, I don’t think how it was charged meant what occurred. You have a three year old who can’t commit a crime, you have a 15 year old who may have helped the child do what [he] was doing and the citation is to a mother that may or may not have been in control of the child at the time. There are just a lot of thing that could’ve been done differently with something like that.”

The ticket issued was originally for $2,500, but Oblein said he would have been “very surprised if a judge would even seriously consider this case and not dismis it.”

“There’s classes of offenses in Oklahoma and there is a maximum fine that is set on them. That is, generally, not the fine that is issued by a judge if it goes through court,” he said. “Certainly in a case with circumstances like this — if a judge would even listen to a case like this — the fine would obviously would be much lower than that.”



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2 Responses to “Chief says public urination situation could have been handled better”

  1. Friendly Lindley
    November 6, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    Our new police chief should have the right to spank one of his officers when they act like a three year old. But he will probably be put in time out.

  2. Bearcat
    November 6, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Wait till this “officer” has to step out of his car to do this same thing.
    Let’s see how he explains it. He’s not three years old… bet the judge won’t throw that one out.

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